For 29 years, we aimed to well empty each sack and Pursue perfectly clear empty.

It is Touleo’s mission to listen to customers, provide services and meet their needs.


In 1991, the founder of the company,Mr. Leo Zhang internship at BASF SE in Germany. He found that the large-scale feed treatment of powdery or granular raw materials for chemical products could continuously create higher unit efficiency with more ideal management methods.

Later, he is constantly built contact with customers and in contact with raw materials, the idea is constantly deepened, especially in the powdery or granular storage scene. He found that under the condition of no increase in labor costs, the factory feeding efficiency theoretical can increase from thousand tons to tens of thousand tons class (unit team) with mechanization and streamline storage mode of production. Greatly improve the working environment of employees, and significantly improve the work efficiency.

In 1993, Leo Zhang and his colleagues founded Touleo together in the spirit of innovation.  Focus on the powdery or granular storage Production line raw materials of the emptying and feeding treatment.  This spirit has been a tradition since the beginning, which is very important to the company.

Up to now, the company has been serving customers in the powdery or granular storage industry with emptying and feeding solutions for more than 25 years.  Serving customers in more than 20 countries, including plastic manufacturers, chemical raw materials groups, food raw materials processing groups.


2001 —— the first auxiliary emptying prototype was developed in Touleo Germany R&D center. In 2004, we developed a conveyor device for the bag emptying equipment.
2006 —— the company served the Fortune 500 Enterprise, and its products were deployed in more than 30 factories around the world.
2005 —— Launched bag emptying product version 1.0
2009 —— Launched bag emptying product version 2.0
2016 —— Launched bag emptying product version 3.0
2010 —— Roll out the intuitive, visual emptying operating system.
2011 —— Establish a global delivery and service guarantee system, remote support system and online service system.
2014 —— Roll out the matching product solutions of emptying – feeding – conveying in line with powdery or granular production line.


We attach great importance to R&D, and continuously increase R&D investment every year. A considerable part of our R&D funds are poured into our laboratories, equipment and talents. At present, our R&D stuffs are more than 40% of the company.

Our factory is located in China, relying on its strong material supply and skillful technical workers, we can always provide customers with the most cost-effective and the best quality products.


We continuously improve product performance through technological innovation, our empty bag laboratory can fully test every new product.

Structural department

  • Long column test, biaxial vibration test

Department of Mechanics

  • Strand testing
  • Electro-hydraulic servo loading experiment

Materials Department

  • Static and Dynamic Strain Testing
  • Aging test

Stability and reliability are technical goals

The test technology team occupy 50% of our R&D team


Corporate Social Responsibility (CR) is an integral part of our business. Our mission is to create more value together with our employees, customers, suppliers, investors and communities. We actively undertake corporate social responsibility in addressing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, prioritizing our efforts on socially significant projects, and achieving our goals in our business operations.



Develop the third-generation high-speed grabbing technology, which is suitable for more types of sacks, and realizes all-round adaptation in emptying application scenarios such as feed, grain, and chemical products. Help customers with the maximum monthly discharge >10,000 tons.

Commit to emptying every bag
Dual – shake technology

Production line conveyor
Screw transmission and pneumatic transmission technology


The Product Regulation Plan is a forward-looking strategic plan for the environmental design and management of products. Touleo developed a Product monitoring plan in 2006 to enhance the environmental design and management of its products. The mission of the program is to develop, manufacture and market products that are more energy efficient, extend product life through renewal and reuse, contain recyclable ingredients and environmentally friendly materials, and can be safely recovered and disposed of.

Eco friendly material

Touleo regularly monitors and manages the various substances used in the Company’s R&D processes, manufacturing processes and products. If scientific evidence determines that certain substances have potential adverse effects on human health or the environment, even if the use is permitted by law, Touleo will actively prohibit or restrict the use of such substances in advance or seek alternative substances; Touleo will discard, restrict or prohibit the use of the original substance if there is a better substitute that can meet the production process and product quality and safety requirements.